Tropical Leaves

My Story

Hello and welcome, my name is Ariana, also know as MawsOfTheVoid. 

I am an artist and creator based in Northern California. You can usually find me making things for myself to enjoy, playing video games, or otherwise working as an IT Professional.

I've always been fascinated by nature, the occult, and art. One of my favorite mediums that cultivated this fascination is video games. In the worlds that I was brought to, I could be someone else, something else. I could survey the imagination of all the creative minds that touched that world and truly immerse myself in it.

In March of 2021 I joined The Noir Network, a network created for Black femmes in content creation with a focus on education & brand development.

Media Kit

Media Kit.png

Click here to download a pdf version of my media kit.

Looking to work with me? You can contact me here.